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April sees the release of my new EP ' MUSIC FOR EXHIBITION & FILM'.

The music was originally written and recorded last summer at Heriot Toun Studios which is undoubtedly my favourite place to write music. The first two tracks were written for an art/film installation by environmental artists Dalziel and Scullion. Their project Tumadh:Immersion took place last summer over two venues; An Lanntair in Stornoway and Dovecot in Edinburgh. I previously worked on a film called Wolf with Dalziel and Scullion and I really love their work. Check out their website and try and get along to their exhibitions if you get a chance.

Tracks 3 and 4 are inspired by David Abram's Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology and were eventually used in a two Yes campaign short films by Craig MacKay at Pictii. You can still see the films Shorag and Bealach online.

I was very lucky to work with two of my favourite musicians on this EP. John Blease on drums and Graeme Stephen on guitar. The sleeve design was by my good friend Yumi Okada in Tokyo. She's a truly original artist with deep connections to music and nature. Contact me through this website for more info.

You'll find tracks from this EP in the player alongside some Lau, Kan and some older solo works from my Sirius, An Tobar and Hotline records. The player will open in another window allowing you to browse and listen simultaneously. In the TUNES section of the MUSIC page you'll find some of my tunes and scores and also tunes I love and have taught over the years.

Help yourself!

See you over he summer!

Aidan x
April 2015