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February saw the release of ' IMPRINT - EP Series 2.0'.

The music was written as part of residency at Deveron Arts in Huntly. Here's the description:

For almost 10,000 years we have lived and formed communities on the land around us. But the human populace has an ever evolving and kinetic structure. People move around.

There have been exiles and people seeking asylum. Some people move on seeking new employment or new experiences. In Neolithic times through the middle ages communities moved on for political reasons, for safety or to better climates where food production and cattle raising was easier.

War has taken it’s toll on the land around us from the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century to the Great Wars of the 20th. On The Cabrach we can see many tumbledown crofts, empty schools and churches and much of this was caused by the huge proportion of young men who went to war in 1914 and didn’t return.

Many communities were forced to leave their land through the Clearances which began in the 18th century and continues in more muted fashion until present day.

In his residency at Deveron Arts, composer and musician Aidan O’Rourke will walk among these abandoned settlements and spend time with historians, archeologists and local enthusiasts. He will write music inspired by these experiences and assemble a band of musician/composers to further these ideas and make a recording of these musical meditations.

The result is Imprint (EP Series 2.0); 30mins of new music in collaboration with Anna Meredith, (electronics), Tom Rogerson (piano) and John Blease (drums).

You'll find tracks from this EP and Series 1.0 in the player alongside some Lau, Kan and some older solo works from my Sirius, An Tobar and Hotline records. The player will open in another window allowing you to browse and listen simultaneously. In the TUNES section of the MUSIC page you'll find some of my tunes and scores and also tunes I love and have taught over the years.

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May 2016