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  • 26/06/13

    I'm involved in an interesting writing project which is part of Creative Scotland's Year of Natural Scotland programme.

    It's a project using multiple artforms, diverse locations and a variety of different community groups to take a look at Scotland’s varied landscape and its connections to the wider world. Be it music, film, words or dance; each can interpret the scenery of the land and the characteristics of people. This project will explore the idea that no matter which geography you inhabit, you can be at the epicentre of a universal enquiry.
    There is more information here

  • 22/06/13

    I wrote a couple of blogs while in Japan. Part 1 is here and part 2 here

  • 12/06/13

    Arrived in Tokyo for Lau's 5th tour of Japan. Never been here in June before and it's hot and sticky. It's rainy season. But great to be here! Pretty jet lagged right now so will add more exciting news soon. But for now the dates are on gigs page here.

  • 06/06/13

    Here's a wee tune from Lau.