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WOMEX and India


I'm on a train heading south to Manchester and contemplating my travels over the next couple of weeks.

I meet up with Kan this afternoon and rehearse for our WOMEX Showcase which is on Thursday night in Cardiff. On Friday Lau arrive and we showcase that evening. I played WOMEX once before with The Unusual Suspects in Gateshead and appreciate the opportunities it can open up globally. It's gonna be a full on few days.

Then on Saturday morning I hop on a train to London with Kan and we fly out to India that night.
We're guests of the British Council who have put on the following gigs:
27/10/13 Mumbai at Bandra Fort amphitheatre
30/10/13 Bengaluru at Windmills Craftworks
01/11/13 Kolkata at Calcutta School of Music

We'll be doing some workshops and masterclasses and hopefully a bit of collaborating in between.
Pretty excited about this trip. I've never been to India but have heard countless positive reports from friends who have visited. Also had various bits of advice thrown at me the last few weeks: don't open your mouth in the shower, only eat peel-able fruit, sleep with passport under pillow on trains, get good at bartering....
After we finish the gigs I'm flying north to Bagdogra and then travel to Darjeeling for a 5 day break. What awaits me there? Photos to follow. Ax