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Happy New Year


It's 2014! Now all the festive mischief is over I find myself in a relatively quiet spell before Celtic Connections kicks in. I traditionally go on an early January health kick and this year is no different. As I write I'm on day 4 of a 7 day juice detox, so forgive me if I go off track. I'll be back to normal for Celtic Connections don't worry. But I do feel good. A day or so of headaches and a general grump but after that it's fine. Lots of juicing and drinking green frothy liquid though.

So I'll be pretty active at Celtic Connections. It kicks off for me with a guest spot with Capercaillie on the 18th. Then Lau are again playing in the Roaming Roots Revue in the concert hall on the 19th. It’s curated by Roddy Hart who did a great job last year on the Levon Helm tribute. This year we celebrate the Laurel Canyon scene so expect to hear the music of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, The Byrds, The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, the Mamas and the Papas and James Taylor. There’s lots of fantastic performers on the night including The Dawes and Roddy Woomble. Should be fun.

Then there’s a little break from Celtic Connections and Lau head over to Dublin to play in an exciting new programme of music called Perspectives. This is at the National Concert Hall and the show includes ourselves along with At First Light, Padraig Rynne’s Notify, Mossy Nolan and Colm McGowan.

We’re then straight back to Celtic Connections to rehearse our new commission called ‘The Bell That Never Rang’. This was commissioned by Celtic Connections and the PRSF as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations. The premiere will be part of the Lau gig on the 30th January in the City Halls and features the incredible Elysian Quartet.

Then the Kan lads arrive and we open for Seth Lakeman in the O2 ABC on the 31st.
After that I’ll have a lie down for a few days.

It’s gonna be a great few weeks.

Hopefully see you in Glasgow.