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My first choral piece submitted


Last week I submitted my first choral piece to Cappella Nova. Entitled Magnus, it takes inspiration from the The St Magnus Hymn, or Nobilis Humbles which celebrates St Magnus of Orkney.

Rather than using the original Latin text or the English translation I decided to research the possibility of writing it in Norn. This didn't prove as trouble-free as hoped: due to it being extinct. I was told that Faroese is possibly quite similar to what Norn sounded like so I contacted my good friend Sunnuva Bæk in the Faroe Islands and she kindly sent me a recording of the translation.

Now I know why there are so many non-lexical vocables in Gaelic song. Horo! And now I've dug deep into the IPA; (different IPA to normal).

But, it's complete and will be part of the Echoes and Traces project and will be performed at:

Wed 31 Aug - Dunfermline Abbey (Nave),19.30
Thu 1 Sep - Stirling Castle, 20.00
Fri 2 Sep - Glasgow Cathedral, 19.30
Sun 4 Sep - Duff House, Aberdeenshire, 13.00
Mon 5th Sep - St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney 20.00
Wed 7 Sep - Iona Abbey, 15.00
Thurs 8th Sep - Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, 19.30

Full details here:
Echoes and Traces Tour